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Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

11/05/2018 0

You probably already read about the Maranhenses Sheets elsewhere. What is worth highlighting here is…

Cabure in Lençois Maranhenses

09/05/2018 0

Caburé is a peninsula that is located in the right margin of the Preguiças River…

Preguiças’s River in Lencois Maranhenses

28/04/2018 0

On the right side of the beach, coming from Barreirinhas, the Preguiças River arrives. The…

Mandacaru in Lencois Maranhenses

21/04/2018 0

Mandacaru is a town of little more than a thousand inhabitants and where is the…

Ponta da Brasília – Grão Pará – Guarás

21/03/2018 0

Ponta da Brasília is the most extreme point of the peninsula of Caburé, which is…


09/03/2018 0

Who descends the river sloths towards the sea meets in the middle of the path,…

Santo Amaro

11/01/2018 0

Santo Amaro is one of the cities that lie on the edge of the Lençóis…

Barreirinhas in Lencois Maranhenses

08/01/2018 0

Barreirinhas is the seat of the municipality and through which most of the travelers who…