Mandacaru is a town of little more than a thousand inhabitants and where is the Preguiças Lighthouse. Opened in 1909 the lighthouse has a historic role in the region. Going up 160 steps you can contemplate one of the most beautiful views of this part of the Brazilian coast.

From its viewpoint it is possible to see the mouth of the Preguiças River and its waters meeting the sea, the beginning of the dunes that form the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. The Caburé and the Atlantic Ocean just behind. It is also possible to observe all the town of Mandacaru that has one of the most original geographical configurations of the region with the central square or rectangle dominating in one of its headwaters the mother church, very common in several regions of the northeast.

Only the sight of the lighthouse already makes up for the visit and the effort to climb its staircase.
Do not be alarmed if a group of boys greet you in the harbor singing the old song of the master Luiz Gonzaga, Mandacaru. They are young “guides” who for some exchange or sometimes even for a simple smile, tell the whole story of the lighthouse and the village.