Atins has become the newest Kitesurf peak in the Northeast, due to the quality, intensity and direction of the winds that form a constant flow corridor and onshore during most of the year, mainly from July to December. Besides of course, the sun all year round, the tranquility of the place and of being a point flat. Atins has a great advantage over the other kite peaks which is the possibility of you also sailing in the lagoons of the Maranhenses National Park that are thousands, more exactly 155,000 hectares of dunes and lagoons and you can choose any one of them to sail.

There are some schools that in addition to offering lessons for beginners also rent equipment, and offer day care if you bring your kite. If you already practice Kite or want to learn, with your equipment or renting here, be sure to include the Atins in your next travel plans.

Arriving in Barreirinhas you get access to the Atins de voadeira or 4 × 4 vehicle, but be warned, you should book this transfer in advance, otherwise you may not find transportation available at the time of your arrival or have to charter one exclusively for your trip, the which will be much more expensive than the conventional tour or line.

Jurará can take care of the transfer for you. Contact us.