Tours around the region can be done in different forms of transportation, according to destination or whatever you like. Canoes can be used for nearby tours such as Caburé, Ponta da Brasília, Mandacaru and even walk along the edge of the Atins.

The boats serve the same rides, but more quickly and are still used for longer rides along the Preguiças River, such as Vassouras and Barreirinhas. To walk through the village you can do it on foot or on horseback depending on your mood. It is also possible to use 4 × 4 vehicles for these tours, it goes from the taste of each one. The 4 × 4 vehicles are used for any land tours, but more specifically for the more distant ones, such as the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, the lagoons, the Canto do Atins and the transfer to Barreirinhas.

On foot, by boat, boat, galloping or by car, Jurará takes care of all your tours and transfers around the region. From São Luiz, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, Parnaíba, Paulino Neves or Barreirinhas we make your transportation to the Pousada and being here we can also book all your tours. It is advisable to reserve prior transfers and major tours because of the low availability of vehicles and boats in the region.