Ponta da Brasília is the most extreme point of the peninsula of Caburé, which is already in front of the beach of the Atins, some five hundred meters away, having between one and another a channel through which flows the Preguiças River towards the sea. With a little luck you can see guarás, herons, quernos and other birds of the region. It is a great place too for bathing, walking and enjoying the sunset.

You can get there from the Atins by boat or sailing boat, also known in the region as a voadeira. By boat it would be about twenty minutes. The crossing of the canal is already part of the enchantment of the tour. The bar of the Preguiças River is beautiful to behold and contemplate.

This, by the way, is a very special route and of great natural beauty. Leaving Atins we reach the locality called Grão-Pará, which is in fact an excerpt from this peninsula, where the guarás, a typical mangrove bird with rich red plumage, color that acquires through the crustaceans from which it feeds, come at dusk to rest in their ninais, giving the visitors a spectacle provoked by their flight.