Who descends the river sloths towards the sea meets in the middle of the path, already near the mouth, the locality of Vassouras. It is a small village of fishermen nomads that in the winter settle down here to fish during the rainy season. Vassouras is part of an Environmental Protection Area and inserted in the municipality of paulino Neves.

Its geographic configuration is very similar to the National Park of Lençóis Maranhenses, with hundreds of dunes interspersed by ponds formed by the rain with a small difference in the coloration of the sand that here is more yellowish.

Vassouras is the stopping point of anyone who does the lazy river walk for a coconut water, that cold beer or get some handicrafts. But attention, in Vassouras lives a colony of monkeys very numerous nails. They are meek and friendly, but they can take their belongings and play in the woods purely for fun. If you want to feed them, ask for the banana or coconut to the owner of the tent. Do not offer other foods, it is harmful to the health of animals.