Santo Amaro is one of the cities that lie on the edge of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. With a population of just over 15,000 inhabitants, it belongs to the municipality of the same name and is on the coasts of the PNLM, about 30 km from the sea. It is a city that holds all the characteristics of a typical Maranhão town. Their houses, streets, customs and customs are very typical of the state. The cheerful river that cuts through the city with its shallow and calm waters offers a great bath and one can also make a delicious walk walking along its winding river.
It has a simple but good infrastructure for tourism with small inns, restaurants, receptive agencies of the Bank of Brazil and asphalted access to BR 402 that connects the city to São Luís.

One of the peculiarities of Santo Amaro, as well as the Atins, is that the city is very close to the PNLM. In an hour and a half walk you can reach the Park and visit its beautiful and crystalline lagoons. The main lagoons and the most visited, however, are a little more distant as the lagoon of the Emendadas where it arrives with 4 hours of walking. Do not be scared the ride is stunning and some dips in the lagoons during the way end as all your possible tiredness. Another nearby lagoon is the Swallow Lagoon a great option to visit at sunset and enjoy the incredible visual.

Near Santo Amaro there are still two spectacular places to meet. The small village of Bethania on the banks of the lively river, on the fringe of the PNLM, with a very nice beach and a native food prepared with all the affection by the locals. For a little more time worth a visit to the village of Travosa, approximately 25 km away, this still primitive fishing village has lush landscapes that leave the visitor to contemplate with open mouth. Besides the beach, practically deserted you can bathe in the lagoon of Travosa one of the most beautiful of the region. If you can, do not miss it.