On the right side of the beach, coming from Barreirinhas, the Preguiças River arrives. The estuary of the river is of great proportion and its waters run smooth until they mix slowly with the water of the sea, just in front of the beach of the Atins. If you come from Barreirinhas, enjoy the trip to already do the tour of the river, which includes a stop in Vassouras, Caburé and another in Mandacaru.

Otherwise hire the river walk in the inn itself. Navigating its waters is a must-see. The Preguiças River is flowing and its banks alternate different types of vegetation, from buritizais, açaizais, to mangroves already arriving at the mouth, besides the numerous birds that coexist with the river and that can be observed from a distance like, herons, jacus, guarás, etc.