You probably already read about the Maranhenses Sheets elsewhere. What is worth highlighting here is its peculiar aspect made up of a unique geography in the world that is its countless lagoons surrounded by dunes by a great extension of 155,000 hectares. The first impact is really remarkable. Some more sensitive people are deeply moved by this first encounter. Whether during the day, during the night with full moon or waning moon that is another trip, the landscape of the dunes and lagoons interspersed, it provokes emotions, contemplation and a sense of magnitude of the universe and our human condition in such dimensions.

In addition to a tour, of a tourist visit, the Lençóis Maranhenses provide an unprecedented sensory experience. Walking through this immensity puts you in touch with the most original and primitive we have in us, kept in the depths of each one and that appear here. Walking on the fine sand of the dunes, bathe in its crystal clear lagoons will be an unforgettable walk and a very special adventure.

Atins is very close to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. The beginning of the dying, as the natives call it, is an hour and a half walk from the village. There are numerous lagoons to visit on this side of the PNLM. Depending on the volume of rainfall of the previous winter we may have some more floods than others, but in a general way we can visit the Gavião Lagoon and the Capivara. Through a 4 × 4 vehicle one can get very close to the lagoons, with another thirty to forty minute walk if one arrives. The lagoons are the main attraction of the PNLM. Surrounded by dunes they surprise by the size, the transparency of its waters and the unique beauty of each one of them. Imagine a desert permeated by crystalline lagoons, this will be your vision of the PNLM.

But attention, the water level of the lagoons depends very much on the rainfall volume of the rains that happen in the winter, from January to July. The best time for those who want to see the lagoons is from May / June onwards, until September / October. If you come exclusively by the lagoons, two recommendations: first, consult us to know the conditions and the volume of water before traveling and secondly, remember that the Atins is not only “ponds”, they are an attraction more. Any time of year you can enjoy all the other attractions that the village offers. Atins is predominantly Sun and Sea.